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Wedding Venue FAQs

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue?

Your chosen wedding venue will impact almost everything about your wedding including the actual date of it.

As well as more obvious factors like the cost of the venue hire, it's also worth considering things like the catering options, the look and feel of the venue, and whether it has a special meaning to you and your partner.

Some venues allow external caterers while others make it their policy that using their venue means using their in-house catering. This could be unacceptable to you if you want to serve a cuisine that isn't on their menu.

The look and feel of your venue is going to have an impact on your wedding photography, so it may be worth asking yourself what you want the composition of those photos to be. For example, if you want green gardens, you'll struggle if you decide to get married in a city hotel.

It may also be worth considering the transport links to a venue and how your guests are expected to get there.

What Does A Wedding Venue Cost?

The cost of wedding venue hire varies so widely, it's not worth giving a number to answer the question. What is important is for you to find a venue that suits your budget. And there are venues to suit every budget.

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